Memory Foam Helps Prevent Bed Sores

People who spend a great deal of time confined to a bed may see improvement or prevention of pressure-related health problems when resting on a memory foam mattress. Bed sores are sores which appear on the bodies of people who spend a lot of time confined to bed. Bed sore problems occur to one in Read More

Narcolepsy and Sleep Attacks

For some people, no amount of rest seems to satisfy their body’s frequent and irresistible need to sleep. They can fall asleep while at work, during a conversation with a friend or even when driving a car. A “sleep attack” can last a few seconds or more than 30 minutes. This condition of excessive daytime Read More

Asthma & Respiratory Illness

Around 12 million people suffer from breathing problems, including asthma, and this figure is increasing each year. These conditions can be aggravated by sleeping on old beds with an accumulation of dust mite irritants. Beds and Bedding Tips Keep only one bed in the bedroom Encase box springs in a zippered dust-proof or allergen-proof cover Read More

Do you have insomnia?

Sometimes it seems sleep will never come! The amount of sleep needed to feel alert during the day varies from person to person. After a night of inadequate rest, it is not unusual to feel sleepy the next day. Difficulty getting sufficient rest even though you had the opportunity to sleep is known as insomnia. Read More

RV & Specialty Mattresses

About our RV Mattresses Classic Brands offers custom sleep systems for your RV or motor home Including Memory foam RV mattresses. Our bedding products are available in standard and custom sizes for any of your RV furniture and motor home accessory needs. You can use our products as a great bedding accessory in your RV. Read More

Mattress Buying Tips

Check your current mattress Give your present mattress set a thorough check – look at the age, condition, support, resiliency, and appearance. Think about size – an old-fashioned double bed provides the same amount of space per person as a baby crib — bigger is better. Buy a set, not just the mattress – a Read More

About Reticulated Memory Foam

What is Reticulated Foam? Reticulated Foam mattresses use Reticulated Foam that provides positive ventilation of the surface while providing a “heat sink” to draw away excess body heat. The contour cut layers of foam offer a supportive mattress with increased durability. How does Reticulated Foam work? The reticulated foam layer with it’s open cell structure Read More

About Gel Memory Foam

Benefits of Gel Memory Foam Our mattresses with gel infused memory foam disperse body heat and create a cooler sleeping surface while retaining the pressure-relieving properties of traditional memory foam. Gel Memory Foam has conforming properties. Tossing and turning are dramatically diminished and disrupted sleep patterns are greatly eliminated. Thus, you sleep longer without moving, Read More

About Latex Foam

History of Latex Foam Natural Latex Foam is harvested from the sap of Hevea brasiliensis, or rubber trees, grown in Africa and South East Asia, South America, Indonesia and Sri Lanka and other tropical climates. Each day natural latex milk is harvested with cuts made into the tree to allow the latex sap to be Read More

About Memory Foam

History of Memory Foam Visco-elastic memory foam is a direct result of space-age technology. Developed during the 1960’s for NASA this product was used to cushion and deflect the tremendous effects of gravitational pull experienced by our astronauts during take off and re-entry into the earth’s atmosphere. By way of its great success with NASA, Read More